ALAS Academy

ALAS Academy

Taking our Students along the Track of Inspiration

ALAS Academy strives to build confidence, stage presence and performance, vocal and musical ability as well as pure enjoyment for the skill of entertainment. ALAS also encourages working together as a collective team of music makers, appose to harnessing too much competition in the youth realms.



Established in 2010, ALAS Academy is a private extra-mural Performing Arts and Music Academy that offers a wide variety of subjects for dream seekers who want to grow in the performing arts industry and achieve their goals.

Based in the musical valley of the Southern Peninsula, ALAS is nestled in Fish Hoek. There is an abundance of diversity and passionate talent.

The Academy strives to create and help coach talented youth, teens and adults in the art of song, music, performance, acting and vocal/musical production.


The academy is always accepting new students, new music makers and artists to achieve their musical potential.

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Our Classes

We cater for the beginner, intermediate and advanced learner.

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Team work makes dream work

ALAS have had some amazing performance opportunities and past pupils have gone off into working in the industry and signed records deals with well know South African producers, made albums, and some even accepted into international schools.

ALAS Academy prides itself in offering relaxed and focused education in a comfortable environment. The energy and life that instils the academy is noticed early on in your arrival, and the hospitable approach to your requirements, are dealt with as quickly as one could offer.


We welcome all Performing Artists to visit ALAS Academy in the creative valley of Fish Hoek, Southern Peninsula.   

The wide variety of activities offered here obviously create a diverse bunch of visitors, students and staff, and that is the essence that you pick up on, a culturally diverse environment where everyone is doing what they love and are being taught by passionate teachers and instructors.

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